Hello and welcome to my first blog post.  As noted in the “about” section the purpose of this blog is to provide support – primarily of a tax and financial nature, but occasionally pertaining to other issues as well – to separated and divorced individuals and their advisors.  I hope that this site can become a regular resource by providing not only good sound information in the blogs but also links to a variety of resources for individuals going through the same harrowing experience that you are.  I will be drawing from my many years of experience as a CPA and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.  My firm White, Zuckerman, Warsavsky, Luna & Hunt is a leader in family law forensic accounting.  I have also had personal experience in the divorce arena as I was divorced in the early 1990s.  It was a very difficult experience more so because I had a young son at the time.  I did, however, survive.  I kept my career moving forward, kept a healthy relationship with my son, and recovered from all of the financial negatives of the divorce process.  Later in the 1990s, I became remarried to “the right one”, gained a wonderful step-daughter and daughter (his, hers and ours), and have a wonderful life (sounds like a movie doesn’t it?).  As tough as things may be right now for you, you need to just keep moving forward step by step.  In many way this can be viewed as a New Beginning.  You have the opportunity to develop new relationships, activities, and hobbies.  You can even begin a new career if you don’t have one now or perhaps you will want to start a new business.  While all of this new adventure is going on, I highly recommend that you pay attention to your taxes and finances even if you never have done so before.  Therein lies the main purpose of this blog as I would like assist you in learning how to stay on top of your taxes and finances, start that business if desired and ensure that your new life includes financial security.  My goal is to present often highly complex topics (e.g. income tax issues) in plain easy to understand English.

One more thing, I welcome reader feedback and suggestions for relevant topics and improvement so please consider sharing your thoughts.

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