Financial Partners – Financial Advisors and Bookkeepers

One of your goals (whether undergoing divorce or not) should be to build your estate to achieve financial security.  This process quite simply involves increasing your income and budgeting that into cash which must be used to acquire income producing assets. While in the process of divorce it may be even more imperative to utilize the services of competent professionals to assist you in reaching financial security and managing your financial affairs.  In addition to a skilled and experienced Certified Public Accountant, you may want to consult with a Financial Advisor and/or a Bookkeeper.

Financial Advisors can be a very important component in the process of building financial security.  Most advisors assist in managing their client’s financial assets attempting to maximize the investment return for a client’s given level of risk, goals and time horizon.  Importantly they also may prevent their client’s from letting their emotions cause them to make poor investment choices and to spend their assets unwisely (i.e. they may become an independent unbiased partner in your major spending decisions).

Bookkeepers can also be a very important financial partner helping their clients properly account for and monitor their personal and business activities (i.e. their wealth). They are generally known to be able to handle tedious government compliance filings (including local business tax, sales tax, and payroll) and pay bills.  However, just as importantly they should be able to help streamline the income tax preparation process and serve as an unbiased partner regarding budget monitoring and spending decisions.

The following links include providers who I believe are suitable for this purpose.

Financial Advisors


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