Blog Migration

I have some exciting news, Life (tax and finance) After Divorce has migrated and become part of the suite of blogs provided by White, Zuckerman, Warsavsky, Luna and Hunt.  All of the same great content and support provided to divorced and divorcing individuals will be found over there along with  three other blogs as follows:

Forensic Forum is designed to provide information related to forensic accounting in family law matters.

Wealth Builder is designed to provide you with the latest tax planning ideas and other financial opportunities that can enhance your wealth.

CFO Corner is designed to provide information that will be of use to CFOs and other business operators and managers. We intend to provide information that will assist you in operating and managing your businesses covering a variety of issues from the world of business including business taxation, financial statements and GAAP, management, benefits, and other areas with an emphasis on streamlining efficiency and improving profits.

Please bookmark any or all of the above blog links and navigate to the lower left corner of our Blog Home Page under Newsletter to sign up for future email alerts to all of this great content as this blog will not be supported going forward.