Thompson_Ron_4779My name is Ron Thompson and I am a partner in the tax and accounting department of White, Zuckerman, Warsavsky, Luna & Hunt (WZWLH). WZWLH is a leading southern California accounting firm.  Our services include family law forensic accounting. We have been analyzing financial issues and preparing documents and reports for parties going through marital dissolutions for decades. We have also prepared many tax returns and consulted on financial matters for couples and individuals in the process of and recovering from divorce.

Over the years I have learned a lot about the needs of separated and divorced individuals with respect to starting over and rebuilding lives that often feel shattered and out of control. Through this blog I hope to offer sound, easy to implement tax and financial strategies to assist these individuals and their advisors in rebuilding their estates through maximizing their income, understanding sometimes complex tax rules as they relate to divorce, minimizing taxes and other unnecessary expenditures, providing for their dependents, saving for retirement, and ultimately insuring that their estate may be passed to their properly designated heirs with a minimum of taxes and fees.

In addition, I will provide information about and links to a variety of support resources for these individuals running the gamut from financial to emotional issues – sort of a one stop shop for divorced individuals attempting to get back to living happy, financially secure, and healthy lives (i.e. coming to the realization that there can be “life after divorce”.

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