A good bookkeeper can also be a very important financial partner helping their clients properly account for and monitor their personal and business activities (i.e. their wealth). They are generally known to be able to handle tedious government compliance filings (including local business tax, sales tax, and payroll) and pay bills.  However, just as importantly they should be able to help streamline the income tax preparation process and serve as an unbiased partner regarding budget monitoring and spending decisions.



Jacqueline Souza
Souza & Associates, Inc. 
P.O Box 8606
Calabasas, California 91372
Phone: (818) 223-9647

Jacqueline has over 25 years of experience helping individuals and small business owners handle their bookkeeping and business management needs. Her and her staff have a passion for delivering a high level of customer service. They are adept at providing full service bookkeeping including: account reconciliations, payroll, business license, sales tax and bill paying. Their business management services include serving as your personal financial assistant and preparing cost of living analyses. In addition they can prepare financial statements and reports and are always eager to assist their client’s CPA’s and other advisors.


margieMargie Young, CPA 
Orange County, California
Phone: (714) 473-4451

Margie is a CPA who believes that good bookkeeping and accounting will lead to smarter financial decisions. She handles most bookkeeping tasks including disbursements and deposits and bank reconciliations. She also prepares individual and small business financial statements. She will assist your CPA and other advisors and streamline the tax return preparation process by preparing investment gain and loss schedules and other return support. She is also adept at helping businesses with SEC reporting, audit schedules, budgeting, forecasting, and internal controls.

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