Innocent Spouse Relief

Happy New Year 2015, this is always a time for a new start. No matter what problems you are going through you can make them better by obtaining good information – e.g. the information provided on this blog site – and implementing plans to deal with the problems.

One of my early blog posts, way back on August 5, 2014, dealt with the topic of escaping the requirement to report a share of community property income if you and your spouse file separate income tax returns (see Other Relief From Community Property Rules). Continue reading

Should I Sign That Joint Tax Return

As some of you procrastinators may be aware, the October “tax season” just ended. As a result, in the last few weeks I was asked numerous times to evaluate whether or not one of the spouses undergoing a marital dissolution should sign a “married filing joint” tax return prepared by their spouse (or their spouses advisors).  The reason this question gets asked so often in these situations is because the spouse who did not prepare the joint return is afraid that the spouse who prepared the return may have understated the income or perhaps overstated deductions.   Continue reading